CRI pressure booster pumps come in a wide range of series like MVHS, ISOBARIC, MV, MS/MH, SCW, VM and MHBS. MVHS are vertical multistage pumps featuring maximum performance and higher consistency. These booster pumps have VFD that help them last longer as they allow them to adjust workload to meet system requirement. Other valuable features include noise free and vibration free operation, automated start and stop and reduced water hammering.

The ISOBARIC series pumps are non self-priming multistage pumps featuring motors enclosed with mechanical seal and shaft. The MV series are multistage vertical inline pumps engineered to offer trouble free operation always. MS/MH series are non self priming pumps with pumps featuring single shaft and mechanical seal. SCW are horizontal split case pumps capable of delivering high efficiency and performance. VM series are vertical multistage pumps offering consistent performance during voltage fluctuations.

MHBS series are compact series of pressure booster pumps that maintain even water pressure in all outlets. When the pressure drops below pre-set level, the pump starts operating which turns off when the maximum pre-set level is reached.