Solar Pumping Systems
D.C Solar Surface Pumps


C.R.I. D.C. Solar Surface Pumps

C.R.I. Range of Solar Surface pumps are available in different types such as D.C. Solar Pool Pumps, D.C. Solar Peripheral Pumps, D.C. Solar S.S Jet Pumps & D.C. Solar Screw Pumps to suit various applications. These pumps are available up to 1500 Watts power ranges with Maximum Head 3 range upto 95 m and flow range upto 28 m /h.

Power Range 120 W - 1500 W
Voltage 24 - 110 V DC
Motor Type DC Brushless Motor
Type of Duty S1 (Continuous)
Pump Type Pool Peripheral Screw JET
Max. Head 21 m 36 m 95 m 34 m
Max. Flow 29 m3/h 2 m3/h 3 m3/h 3 m3/h
Outlet Size 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", 3"x3" 1"x1" 1"x1" 1"x1"