Vertical Single Stage Pump VS - Series


C.R.I.'s vertical In-line centrifugal pumps (VS Series) are non self priming axial suction and delivery type with Standard motor and Shaft seals. All components like impeller, diffuser & shaft of these pumps are carefully designed to deliver the best possible hydraulic efficiency. The pumps are of the close-coupled type wherein the pump and motor are of separate units in bigger power ratings which ensure easy dismantling and service.

These pumps are powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled. A.C. induction motor, suitable for continuous Duty. Motor stator is made of low watt loss steel lamination assembled under pressure and rigidly locked in the frame. Dynamically balanced rotor ensures vibration and noise free operation. Shaft of Ample size made of quality steel and precisely ground is used for transmitting rated Horse Power.

Power Range 1.1 kW - 132 kW
Speed 2900 & 1450 rpm
Head Range 9 - 83 m
Flow Capacity 8 - 630 m³ /h
Outlet size 32 - 250 mm
Liquid Temperature -15°C to 110°C
Permissible Pressure 12 Bar / 16 Bar
Sealing Mechanical seal
Ambient Temperature 40°C
  • High Operating Efficiency
  • Dynamically Balance rotating parts
  • Balanced and Rigid Construction
  • Reduced power consumption
  • High-efficiency motors – IE3/ IE2
  • Top-pull-out design ensure Easy dismantling & service
  • Improved corrosion resistance ED coated Components
  • Pumps with built-in frequency converter (Optional)
  • Heating & Cooling Heating & Cooling
  • Industrial Processes Industrial Processes
  • Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
  • Pressure Boosting Pressure Boosting
  • Industrial Water Supply Industrial Water Supply