Waste Water Submersible Pumps CDR, CSL & SV Series

With the excellence gained in pump technology over the period of 52 years C.R.I. has introduced highly efficient and reliable sewage & drainage pumps in a comprehensive range. These pumps are available with different materials of construction and features a multitude of applications in waste handling and treatment.

Besides expanding its products portfolio, C.R.I. is firmly committed to contribute a vital role in creating a more pleasant and affluent living condition worldwide, which is one among its ambitious goal.

All C.R.I. drainage & sewage pumps are perfectly powered by motor designed to deliver optimal performance and to with stand vagaries of weather and power fluctuation.

SPECIFICATIONS Light Sewage/Drainage Medium sewage Heavy Sewage
Power Range 1Ph - 0.55kW -2.2kW (Sewage)
0.37kW-2.2kW (Drainage)
3Ph - 0.75kW -2.2kW    
1 Ph 1.1 kW
3 Ph 1.1kW – 3.0 kW
3 Ph  3.7kW – 18.5kW
Speed 2900 rpm 2900 rpm / 1440 rpm 2900 rpm / 1440 rpm
Versions AC, 1 Ph, 230V
AC, 3 Ph 415V
AC, 1 Ph, 230V
AC, 3 Ph, 415V
AC, 3 Ph, 415V
Type of Duty S1 (Continuous) S1 (Continuous) S1 (Continuous)
Degree of Protection IP 68 IP 68 IP 68
Class of Insulation B / F (Optional) B / F (Optional) F
Motor type Dry (Rewindable) Dry (Rewindable) Dry  (Rewindable)
pH Value 4 to 10 4 to 10 4 to 10
Impeller type Vortex / Semi Open Vortex / Semi Open Vortex / Semi Open
Max. Head Sewage : 16.5 m Drainage: 28 m 32 m 34 m
Max. Discharge Sewage: 35 m³/h Drainage: 32 m³/h 55 m³/h 110 m³/h
Solid Handling Capacity 7,30,40 & 60 mm 30,40,45 & 60 mm 50,75,80 & 100 mm
Max. Liquid Temperature 40ºC 40ºC 40ºC
Suction lift up to 7m 7m 7m
Max. Operating Pressure 2.7kg/cm² 2.7kg/cm² 3kg/cm²
Delivery Size 1½", 2" & DN65 1½", 2" & DN65 DN80, DN100 & DN150
Optional : With / Without Float Switch
  • International standard design: VCT cable,auto-cut, silicon carbide mechanical seal, high gradecast iron, good quality and performance.
  • Multiple impeller design, there are three kinds of impeller to handle different sewage and waste water
  • Full range from low head to high head, compact and easy installation, equipped with rail system available.
  • Pumping Waste Water Pumping Waste Water in Industries
  • Pumping Sewage Water Pumping Sewage Water from Stock Farm& Manhole Sewer
  • Sewage treatment Plants Sewage treatment Plants
  • Septic Tank Septic Tank
  • Leather Factories Leather Factories
  • Draining Sewage Water Draining Sewage Water from Hotels, Houses, Commercial Buildings, Complexes etc..
  • Tunnels and Mines Tunnels and Mines
  • Pumping Muncipial Sewage Water Pumping Muncipial Sewage Water